About Us

CLOURE arises from the love for the automotive world and presents a range of high quality products for cleaning and protecting vehicles.

We have always believed that a well-maintained vehicle is a reflection of its owner's lifestyle and personality.

We are addicted to innovation and quality, and we know that the small details are the most important.

We want to provide a complete and exclusive experience, from personalized service to product delivery, so that our customers feel valued and unique.

Our mission is to inspire and positively impact people's lives, encouraging them to take care of their vehicles with the same care and standards as we do. After all, beauty and care for details are essential to create an authentic and unique lifestyle, and we believe that by taking care of the vehicle, our customers increase their self-esteem, confidence and love for their achievement, their vehicle .

We produce our products in Portugal with tested and updated formulas, so that they are practical and effective in their application, allowing customers to focus on the care and protection of their vehicles, avoiding complex processes.

We are determined to show the world that we don't just sell products, we deliver the excitement of a new car.