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Are you tired of worrying about possible scratches on your car's paintwork when washing, then BLIZZARD is the ideal solution for you!

局 Extremely dense foam

Removes most paint contaminants without any physical contact

局 Concentrated and safe formula

How it works

BLIZZARD is an important pre-wash foam solution that removes most contaminants present in paintwork without any physical contact.


Wash the car in the shade, preferably with the body at room temperature.

Wet the bodywork to remove loose dirt.

Use with a foam lance in a dilution of approx. 100mL of Blizzard for 1L of water.

Evenly project the foam onto the body , starting application from the ceiling.

Let the foam act for a few minutes without letting it dry.

Scrub with the washing mitt , rinse the body with clean water and dry.


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Wash your car safely

Avoid the frustration of finishing your car wash with unwanted scratches and maintain its shine for much longer.

What makes BLIZZARD unique

局Extremely dense foam
局 High hydration capacity
局 Gently removes most road contaminants from paint
局 Concentrated and safe formula with neutral pH
局Safe for protected, waxed or ceramic-coated vehicles
局 Pleasant citrus aroma

BLIZZARD in action . No matter the car, the shine returns again.

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