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FROTH- Car Shampoo

FROTH- Car Shampoo

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Tired of spending hours scrubbing your car and dealing with persistent dirt, then FROTH is the ideal solution for you!

局 Strong degreasing power

局 Safely removes dirt accumulated on paintwork

局 High hydration and cleaning capacity

How it works

FROTH is a shampoo with a neutral pH formula, developed for washing all types of cars, including cars protected with wax, sealants and ceramics.

Produces a thick, consistent and durable foam that softens dirt and leaves surfaces with a clean, smooth finish.


Wash the car in the shade, preferably with the body at room temperature.

Wet the bodywork to remove loose dirt.

Add a dilution of between 50mL to 100mL of shampoo to 5L of water.

Spread the shampoo with the appropriate washing glove, always from top to bottom and in areas .

Rinse the body well with clean water and dry.


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Remove dirt with ease

Don't put off washing your car any longer due to lack of time, remove dirt quickly.

What makes FROTH unique

局 Washing shampoo with a dense, consistent and durable foam

局 Strong degreasing power

局 High hydration and cleaning capacity

局 Easily and safely removes dirt accumulated on paintwork

局 Insurance for protected, waxed or ceramic-coated cars

FROTH in action . Whatever the car, the dirt will disappear.

Moments with FROTH

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