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PUSHY- Iron Remover

PUSHY- Iron Remover

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Worried about not knowing how to remove so much contamination, whether on your car's rims or paintwork, then PUSHY is the solution for you!

局 Removes heavy contamination

局 Safe pH formula

局Practical and safe application

How it works

PUSHY is an intensive spray decontaminant for the safe and effective removal of all ferrous particles.

With a safe pH, it is suitable for all external surfaces of your car.


Wash all surfaces beforehand , removing all surface dirt.

Work in the shade and with the surface in the environment

Do not let PUSHY dry on the surface and repeat the application if necessary and rinse with water.


Spray the product liberally panel by panel.

Wait a few minutes for the product to react.

If necessary, use a soft brush to agitate the product on the surface and encourage the removal of contaminants.

Rinse surfaces well with water.

Spray generously the product.

Wait for the reaction and let it act for a few minutes.

If necessary , use a circular brush to agitate the product onto the surface to help remove contaminants.

Completely remove the product with water, preferably with a high pressure washer.


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Safe decontamination

Avoid surface damage caused by contamination that builds up over time.

What makes PUSHY unique

局 Removes heavy contamination

局 Safe pH formula

局Practical and safe decontamination application

局Suitable for rims and paintwork

PUSHY in action . No matter the level of contamination, it will be eliminated.

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