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MICROFIBER CLOTH - Microfiber Cloth

MICROFIBER CLOTH - Microfiber Cloth

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It is essential to use the appropriate cloths to avoid damaging the surfaces or wasting product.

局 Cleans any surface without leaving marks or scratches

局 Great absorption power

局 Suitable for all surfaces

局 Pack of 3 units

How it works

With its great softness and quality, the Microfiber Cloth is capable of cleaning any surface without leaving marks or scratches.

The microfiber cloth has great absorption power, thus allowing efficient and quick cleaning of surfaces.

With its longevity, you can count on this product to last a long time.


Whether you are working inside or outside your vehicle, the Microfiber Cloth is suitable for all surfaces.


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Use the appropriate cloths when cleaning

It is essential when cleaning to not damage surfaces and use products more profitably.

What makes these cloths unique

局 Great absorption power

局 Suitable for all surfaces

局 Efficient and fast cleaning

局 Long lasting


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